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“Under the volcano”, a Malcolm Lowry novel
2013-03 -  -  1
Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

There are books that cause "insight” and are able to dissect the soul and make us understand better what is within us, the ability for the best and for the worse behaviour. This is one of those books.

Unlike Dante, this is a journey into hell with no return, a visit to our deepest side. It is also a masterpiece on one of man’s most complex and older intoxications: alcohol.

"Under the Volcano" by Malcolm Lowry, is a complex work that, in Schopenhauer’s words: "you must read at least twice”.

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Are we all able to detoxify the same way?
2013-03 -  -  2
Never stop learning Daniela Seabra

With the amount of toxic compounds that we absorb through the air, food and skin, our individual capacity for removing these compounds is crucial for the maintenance of our health. Like never before, our innate detoxification systems are constantly being put to the test.
But are we able to detoxify properly? Or are there small differences between us that make us more susceptible to certain compounds and more protected against others?

Today we will explore the relationship between genetics and the development of disease due to toxic exposure.

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Super Size Me
2013-03 -  -  3
Watch and Listen

Super Size Me is a stunning documentary about the influences that fast food can have on our physical and mental health.

Morgan Spurlock subjected himself to 30 days of fast food. All meals during that time were made at McDonald's and the consequences were a gain of 5,5 pounds and liver damage.

Watch and draw your own conclusions! After this experience, he definitely needed a detox diet!

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Pesticides - when will their full withdrawal from agriculture, food and from the water we drink happen?
2013-03 -  -  4
Organic / Bio backyard Jorge Ferreira

Still dominant in conventional agriculture, many pesticides are used (insecticides, fungicides and herbicides), and many are endocrine and / or carcinogenic disruptors.

In the reassessment of pesticide toxicology conducted by the European Commission has been given priority to the active substances of greater acute toxicity, partly withdrawn from use in European agriculture. However, many greater chronic toxicity pesticides are still in agriculture and foods. Some are also applied in urban areas such as glyphosate (various trade names), contaminating soil, water and living organisms.

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Detoxification: the pleasant synergy of six organic systems cooperation
2013-03 -  -  5
Healthy me Cristina Sales

Detoxification: the pleasant synergy of six organic systems cooperation.
Every day chemical substances not belonging to our constitution enter our body, and should be eliminated.

Our organism has a very complex system prepared to perform biotransformation, neutralization, draining, transport and elimination of those toxics, in which system intervene the liver and gall bladder, colon, kidneys and bladder, skin and respiratory and lymph systems.

The efficiency of the detoxification depends on the simultaneous good performance of all organic systems involved.
But there are toxics that our body is not prepared for!

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Don’t roast your food: your health thanks you!
2013-03 -  -  6
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos

Cooking food helps us digest it better, but can be a source of dangerous compounds. Even a grilling method that is considered a very healthy method can bring consequences.

Some toxics form during the confection above 160 º C (baked, grilled, fried) or when fat reaches the coal and releases smoke, when we grill on the barbecue.

Browning food is not a good idea, do not allow very high temperatures and use vinegar, wine or citrus juice marinades because it can help you avoid carcinogenic compounds.

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The mean world syndrome - culture of fear!
2013-03 -  -  7
Conscious Me

The crisis is here and the news don´t talk about anything else. Recession, deficits, taxes, unemployment, violence, politics. Also movies and series portray violence, death, betrayal, war. And yet there are documentaries about the end of the world. Is it really that we live all the time?

The so-called "Mean world syndrome" is not yet clinically diagnosed in Portugal, but in the United States there are many studies in this direction.
Discover how the media can intoxicate us.

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Toxics: the dangerous cumulative effect and interaction
2013-03 -  -  8
Healthy me Cristina Sales

Foreign chemicals that are not metabolized and eliminated keep accumulating in our body, slowly over years and decades. This is the cumulative effect.

The interaction between the various toxic compounds present in our body, even if each one is in minimum quantities, may incalculably potentiate their effects. It is a mutual interaction and potentiation with unpredictable organic consequences.

We are all exposed to these hazards: to have the knowledge, monitor and protect yourself is paramount!

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Environmental toxicants: just a little bit won’t hurt ... or will it?
2013-03 -  -  8
Healthy me Daniela Seabra

"Just a little bit won’t hurt." We've all heard this expression, and many of us have said it many times. But with the advances in science, especially genetics, this expression is losing sense.

The various chemical compounds that we absorb on a daily basis, and throughout the years, will influence our genetic expression and may induce several diseases, even in doses currently considered safe.  The combined effect of two chemicals with low toxicity can become extremely toxic.
Learn about the effect of different toxic compounds, and how they can affect your health.

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Toxics – do you really know where they are?
2013-03 -  -  9
Healthy me

Our body is equipped with a sophisticated detoxification system.
But its effectiveness is not absolute.

Some compounds pose a particularly serious threat to all people because the human body is not prepared to metabolize, neutralize and eliminate them.

See some texts already published by us about toxics. Do you even know where are the toxics in your daily life?


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Toxic compounds: they are near you, there are thousands of them, discreet and silent!
2013-03 -  -  10
Healthy me Cristina Sales

Toxics are all chemicals that are not part of the composition of our organism and that are not properly eliminated or cause damage.
The chronic intoxication of small amounts of toxics can give rise to clinically invisible signs, can be silent and can insidiously undermine our well-being and our physical and mental capacity.

There are thousands near you!

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Memoirs of a Geisha
2013-03 -  -  11
Watch and Listen

The story of this film begins in the years before World War II when a Japanese child is separated from her parents to work as a maid in a geisha house. Fighting every day against the obstacles that appear in her way, this girl flourishes and becomes a legendary geisha.

Discover the poignant story of this girl-woman.

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