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Hungry Planet – What the World Eats
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Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

It is at home that the most important processes that rule our lives begin. It is in the family habits and in the day-to-day feeding of our children that we pass on life and health principles.
What do we need to eat, what do we eat, how much we spend? The answer varies with the world geographies, with the houses where we go in.

Between 2000 and 2006 the photographer Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio traveled to 24 countries, following 30 families from regions as diverse as Bhutan, France, Mali and the USA, to produce an exceptional work. They received the James Beard Foundation Book Award.

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Natural finishings
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Eco Catarina Pinto

The indoor environment that surrounds us should only use healthy and environmentally friendly materials allowing a natural environment with decorative wealth and good air quality. Natural plaster made of lime an clay, ecological varnishes and natural paints, allow us to achieve healthy, naturally and beautiful environments, with rich textures and beautiful nuances.

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Habitat for humanity
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The "Habitat for Humanity" is an international organization present in 90 countries.

Their ultimate goal is to eliminate house poverty through the (re) construction of homes for families in need. Volunteering is one of the precious aids to all projects that are underway worldwide. There are volunteers who travel around the world, but very close to you there can be an Habitat where you can help – check it!

Helena Pina-Vaz, Board Chair at Habitat for Humanity Portugal , answered us some questions.

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Francis Bacon
2013-01 -  -  3

Houses are built to live in and not to look on.

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Ecological Cleaners, why are they a best choice for me and for the environment?
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Eco Helena Santos

When we clean something we enjoy a properly done task because cleaning implies to remove undesired dirt (from the plates, from the floor, from different surfaces,…).

However, if the used cleaning products have unwanted compounds, these will remain on the surfaces we clean, on our skin and in wastewater. Ammonia and formaldehyde are examples of substances which you must not have in your cleaning products!

Prefer the biodegradable and natural ones!

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It may not be lack of education?
2013-01 -  -  5
Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

Such like us, animals also live situations that cause changes in their routines, these are reflected in their habits and are sometimes classified as "a lack of education". Under these circumstances we must ask the following question: why did it happen?

There are behavioral changes that result from the animal's answer to endogenous changes as well as exogenous. They aren’t problems of education, although they may become a problem, which is why we need to recognize them, so that the measures taken are appropriate, contributing to the happy resolution of these apparent "lacks of education".

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Feel good at home: the art of Feng Shui will make a difference
2013-01 -  -  6
At home

Your home ambience can be improved with the application of certain rules of Feng Shui.
Actions like cleaning; organizing and creating space for movement; get rid of unnecessary stuff; keep the walls painting, coatings and equipment in perfect conditions; change the harmony between light and colors or fill empty corners are just some examples.

It will be worth to correct and rearrange your home space in order to have more harmony and well-being!

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At home with the children - Vegetables
2013-01 -  -  7
Good appetite

The kitchen can be the place where children learn to know and to like healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables. There are lots of fun dishes that kids can do, always with adult supervision.

Today we suggest a simple way to make fun dishes with vegetables.

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In this fortnight: Me & My home
Previous fortnight: Start & Restart
Holy Island: start, restart or meditate
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A retreat can change the way we see ourselves, others, and life! And it can be a good initiative to start or restart!
The Holy Island in Scotland is the place where we can find the Centre for World Peace and Health and it is a great place to make a retreat surrounded by Buddhists and spirituality! An experience that will be certainly unique!

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
2013-01 -  -  9
Watch and Listen

The movie the "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - talks about a man who is born with physiological attributes of an elderly person and spends his life in a gradual process of bodily  rejuvenation - has as its main theme the process and experience of this peculiar way and how they must restart every day.

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The organic farming – a response to crisis
2013-01 -  -  10
Organic / Bio backyard Jorge Ferreira

For the last decades, the dominant agricultural and food system has had negative impacts on the environment and farmers' income. In addition to the impacts on production, the distribution has also worsened the problem, with greater traveled distances and higher expenses. So each day the difference between the price paid to the producer and the selling price to the public is bigger.
Organic farming addresses these problems and, thanks to eco-intensification, it has the potential to feed the entire population of the planet, as concluded in the FAO Conference about Organic Farming and Food Security held in Rome in 2007.

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Education: language of love
2013-01 -  -  11
Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

A relationship with an animal is an opportunity to live healthily a set of feelings and emotions, for this to happen you need a balanced education of the animal.
Education has ups and downs and is a demonstration of love, you should consider some aspects, such as the species, breed, age and sex, the space available and the family atmosphere, the food, and hygiene habits.

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