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Bonsai - buy and offer with knowledge
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At home
Bonsai are miniature trees.

To keep them beautiful and full of vitality, they need to live in an environment with natural sunlight, and that respects the variations in temperature and humidity of the 4 seasons. The watering, nutrition of the earth, the pruning and monitoring of their welfare requires that you dedicate them some minutes a day.
Can you offer these conditions? Then buy a bonsai! It will be a very rewarding experience.

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In this fortnight: Give & Receive
Previous fortnight: Studying & Learning
DHA, the omega 3 fatty acid that the brain needs
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Orthomolecular Nutrition Helena Santos

The omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the functioning of all body cells.

But if your goal is to increase your brain performance you must learn to distinguish the different types of omega 3. What your brain needs the most is DHA, which can be found in fish and algae, but you may need to use as supplement. When buying a supplement, you should pay attention to several factors such as purification or percentage of EPA and DHA.


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Food additives and brain – what’s the connection?
2012-12 -  -  3
Health secrets of foods Daniela Seabra
Some people say that what we eat is not able to influence our behavior, or even the way our brain works.

But I think that those who defend this view are forgetting examples such as alcohol, coffee or even some hallucinogenic mushrooms, and they are also forgetting that you stopped eating "only food” many years ago. The current food products are filled with different components, namely food additives, and some of them are able to alter brain function. Let´s talk about some of these food additives and their effect on the brain.
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Khan Academy
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The NGO we honor this week is the Khan Academy.
This is an organization that operates through a website accessible to all, as if we were in a virtual classroom that we share with the world, adapted to the needs of each person and for free.  Continue reading
Do you want to increase your mental vitality?
2012-12 -  -  4
Healthy me Cristina Sales

The excellence of your mental vitality depends on many factors acting simultaneously on synergy.
Some are: the food and nutrients in the brain, the cell oxidative process, the blood level of homocysteine​​, the various neurotoxic substances which assimilates the body, the quality and quantity of sleep, quality and regularity of physical activity practiced, motivation face challenges, neuro-cognitive stimulation that develops and finally, how is your hormonal and physical performance?

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Merry Christmas
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Conscious Me
The BluEmerald team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Have a healthy, conscious and sustainable Christmas!

Smile, play, and enjoy life!

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Learning with animals - Hands and feet reconciled
2012-12 -  -  6
Animals and company

Animals have long been considered man's best friends, but did you know they could be much more than friends? Did you know that they are able to improve our health and quality of life?

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Hake Medallions with vegetables in the oven
2012-12 -  -  7
Good appetite

Sometimes we want to eat fish but we just don’t know how to do it well. Here is a recipe for hake that can be used with any fish because of its simplicity.

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The Pink Floyd
2012-12 -  -  8
Watch and Listen
The Pink Floyd are an English rock band formed in Cambridge in 1965. Their work was marked by the use of philosophical lyrics, musical experimentation, innovative album art, and elaborate shows. Find out here why we associate the theme Study & Learn to this band    Continue reading
Learn how to feed your brain: doing it the right way will improve your performance
2012-12 -  -  9
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra

Our brain is an organ, with millions of cells, and filled with numerous molecules. At all times our neurons are able to give and receive information, and to be nurtured and pampered by support cells, our noble faithful caretakers of neurons.

We mustn´t forget that our brain is an extension of our body ... and we need to stop trying to wrongly separate the "body issues" from the"head problems". Adequate nutrition for the whole body is the basis for a well-nourished brain. But obviously there are some "more brainy” nutrients.


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Barefoot University: another way to learn
2012-12 -  -  3
In India, in the city of Rajasthan, there is a school that teaches men and women in rural areas - many of them illiterate - to become solar engineers, artisans, dentists and doctors in their own villages.  Continue reading
How to learn?
2012-12 -  -  10
Never stop learning

When you think of the act of learning, would you associate with it the words pleasure and creativity? Will we all be equal as to the suitable learning techniques? Will we all be creative?

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