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The wise man´s nap
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Healthy me
Napping after lunch is an ancient tradition of many civilizations (The wise man´s nap). Known the advantages of sleeping 20 minutes after lunch.

A short sleep in half of the day is an old habit of many cultures and civilizations.
Sleeping 20 minutes after lunch improves physical and mental performance during the second half of the day, prevents fatigue in the most stressful professions and provides a sleep over stove overnight.

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The nutrients you need to know to sleep better.
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Nutri and Phyto

A good night’s sleep is essential for an excellent health.
All nutrients are important for sleep, but some can be highlighted. You should consider vitamin, mineral and omega 3.supplementation. Nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, calcium, zinc, magnesium and omega 3 interfere with processes involving hormones and neurotransmitters important for sleep.


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If you are taking Benzodiazepines…
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You are taking ...?

Learn that coffee counter their effect and can increase the grapefruit .
To regulate sleep taking melatonin or natural precursors of GABA may replace totally or partly taking benzodiazepines.

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Which plant would I like to live in my garden?
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Organic / Bio backyard
One of the secrets to get your organic backyard to give you an abundant and tasty reward lies in the correct selection of the species you choose to plant. Learn the 6 main features you need to keep in mind when choosing plants for your yard, garden o

When deciding which species will grow , put yourself in the place of the plant and make sure they will be able to offer the best conditions for it to develop and fully healthy in your in your garden .
Know well the needs of light, temperature , moisture , drainage and soil pH , it has to offer to their plants .
And even now , are all plants like to be chosen from each other ?

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Never stop learning
Snoring is always a sign of some type of obstruction in the nasal or pharyngeal region. If you snore, and you also feel sleepy during the day, you should consider that you might have sleep apn
Apnea is a word that means voluntary or involuntary suspension of breathing. We all know snorkeling, a type of sport that is much appreciated by many. But sleep apnea is a health problem that can have serious consequences.  Continue reading
The 5 plants that will help you sleep
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Phytotherapy Helena Santos
Many thousands of years ago, Man realized that some plants were able to exert certain effects on the body and considered them medicinal, because some of their components were able to exert certain therapeutic activity. Learn about the plants that can

The knowledge of the power that plants have, that went from generation to generation is now handed by Phytotherapy - the branch of science dedicated to the study of all these active components, and herbal remedies.

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The children and their sleep: tips to improve nights
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Childhood insomnia affects about 14% of children, and in most cases it is a recurring insomnia, due to not having been taught proper sleep habits. Sleep is important to the child's routine, in order to achieve balance at various levels. Here are

Children who sleep a sufficient number of hours, perform better and show fewer behavior problems and irritability. If the child goes to bed late or is not sleeping enough, the next day she will be nervous, tired, moody and apathetic. With this in mind, here are some tips.

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Therapeutic Light – what it is, when and how to use?
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Another look Cristina Sales
Did you know that the natural rhythm of sleeping and waking, is naturally determined by the alternation between the absence and presence of sunlight? The total solar spectrum light lamps allow us to rediscover balance when sunlight is lacking.

Sunlight, in its day night switching, governs our daily cycles of hormones and neurotransmitters.
In long days, dark winter, or when the workplace has natural lighting, lack of sunlight can lead to a dysregulation in the body causing, almost paradoxically, great daytime sleepiness and lack of restful sleep at night.
The use of lamps total solar spectrum can be very beneficial to balance the circadian rhythm.

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The rhythm of Melatonin
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Labs Cristina Sales

Melatonin is released by the brain in tune with the rhythm of day / night . Its function is to induce sleep and to be the leader of the orchestra of many hormones .
Some insomnia is due to imbalance of melatonin rhythm .
For a better treatment of chronic insomnia is important to know the rhythm of melatonin . If this is disabled in your spare can be critical for the regulation and quality of sleep .

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Sleep: everything I need, I should and want to know
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Conscious Me

Sleeping isone of themost essentialphysiological functionsin the qualityof our health. Sleep has a crucial role in stimulating our memory, in the improvement of learning, in the control of our emotions, in the promotion of intelligence, in the stimulation of creativity and even in our ability to coordinate body movements. Sometimes, the more basic tricks to get a good night´s sleep, simply don´t work for you. Maybe there is something else you need to try in order to get that desired restful sleep? 


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Dalai Lama
2012-11 -  -  10
"Sleep is the best meditation"
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Eat for a better sleep
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
The way we eat influences the way we sleep. It´s important to be aware that what we eat influences our physical and mental performance, but also the way we feel and sleep.

Some of the things you can start now, to have a better sleep are: eat a light evening meal, drink more water during the first half of your day, avoid exciting foods and use foods with Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3, tryptophan and magnesium.
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In this fortnight: Sleep & Sleeping