Greek yogurt and lemon donuts (gluten free and low lactose)
EsmeraldAzul -  3
Recipes Joana Oliveira
Donuts can be healthier than you think, if you do it the right way. Check it!

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Algae - Have you tried these super foods?
EsmeraldAzul -  4
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
There are foods that are good for us, and there are others considered as super-foods given the benefits they can give us - chlorella and spirulina are examples.
These are single-celled organisms and are therefore invisible to the naked eye. Only the large colonies that form in water are visible. 

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In this fortnight: Superfoods
Previous fortnight: Get fat & Lose weight
Is it better to eat sardine than eating salmon?
EsmeraldAzul -  5
Healthy eating Gisela Carrilho
We all know that fish is good, especially the richest in omega-3. But there is another side, which we also have to speak about: the risks. And these are mainly related to contaminants. Not all fish have the same levels of contaminants, including methylmercury.

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Lose weight in the most natural way
EsmeraldAzul -  6
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Pineapple diet, sap diet, color diet, ... the list is endless. But the best thing to do is to forget about the word diet and start the more natural food plan you can, with a minimum of industrialized and refined products and obviously join the essential physical activity.

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Fortnight started in 20 June 2016: Male Health
Relaxing is really important to control what you eat!
EsmeraldAzul -  7
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Stress makes us have more hunger and therefore, a key point if you want to control your appetite, be healthier and to lose weight is: relax! Even before changing your diet learn to relax!

For many it may be the hardest part and therefore check with us why is it so important to relax and how can you start!

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Skin cancer prevention with vitamin D
EsmeraldAzul -  8
Vitamin D Filomena Vieira

With the summer come the skin cancer warnings. 

The journal "Dermato-Endocrinology", January, 2013, published an article which we found very promising for prolonged sun bathing lovers.

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Fortnight started in 6 June 2016: Eat & Relax
3 Myths about carbohydrates you should know
EsmeraldAzul -  9
Healthy me Helena Santos
Foods with carbohydrates are for many people their favorite foods. And so are also foods that sometimes lead to big discussions in the food and nutrition field.

Did you know that sugar is not only bad because it provides empty calories? That not only celiac patients should restrict gluten and low carb diets can even be beneficial?

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Creamy pasta with sautéed spinach, ricotta and walnuts
EsmeraldAzul -  10
Recipes Joana Oliveira
Check out this creamy spinach, ricotta and walnut pasta (without the cream).

Make yourself this healthy and tasty low FODMAP dish in less than 15 minutes!

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Fortnight started in 23 May 2016: Female Health
Get rid of candida albicans: 5 foods that can help
EsmeraldAzul -  11
Healthy me Helena Santos
Candida albicans is a yeast existing in our intestinal flora which can produce substances that may have high toxicity, changing and disturbing the overall body function.

It is common in cases of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease), irritable bowel syndrome, recurrent depression, chronic fatigue, autism spectrum disorders. Extreme tiredness can be synonymous of a candida proliferation.

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Vitamin D Deficiency in Neuromyelitis Optica
EsmeraldAzul -  12
Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
The Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system affecting the optic nerve and spinal cord.

Studies show that this disease may be related to hypovitaminosis D.

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Fortnight started in 9 May 2016: Active & Inactive
Why do we have negative thoughts?
EsmeraldAzul -  13
Meditation and enlightenment Carla Martins
Our mind moves constantly between thoughts of the past, future and present situations in our experience.
A movement characterized by assessment, analysis, comparison and judgment.

This movement wears us out emotionally and physiologically because we are constantly involved in the content which occupies our mind.

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6 benefits of walking you may not know
EsmeraldAzul -  14
Me and my body Helena Santos
Walking may seem a non-intense exercise. And if this is true, by comparison with other exercises, it is also true that daily walks bring many benefits to your health.

Did you know that? We help to unravel: it helps spend calories, promotes healthy aging, helps to strengthen your bones, improve your immune system and fight depressive states.

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